Saturday, April 26, 2008

This Week in Astrology, Apr. 28 - May 4

Saturn goes direct this week, clearing the way for enhanced productivity and accomplishment. We also discuss a powerful Grand Trine, six Mercury aspects (!), and a fascinating Listener Question of the Week from a woman in her mid-20's who's afraid to drive. (Her chart not only gives ample evidence why, but also points the way to solving her problem.)

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This week's index:

Overview: 1:36
Aspect pattern: 5:20
Monday: 8:27
Tuesday: 9:23
Listener Chart #1: 9:58
Tuesday cont'd: 15:40
Wednesday: 16:21
Thursday: 19:16
Friday: 21:36
Listener Chart #2: 25:26
Saturday: 29:42
Sunday: 30:50
Part 2 (Listener Feedback): 33:53
Part 3 (Listener Question of the Week): 54:33

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