Sunday, June 29, 2008

This Week in Astrology -- June 30-July 6

We give this week's New Moon the deepest analysis of any lunation we've ever covered. We also give you insights on how to work with all the celestial goings-on with Mars (trine Pluto and entering Virgo), Uranus (squaring Mercury and trining Venus) and more!

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This week's index:

Overview: 1:51
Monday: 3:13
Tuesday: 7:33
Wednesday: 8:12
Listener Chart #1: 21:18
Thursday: 24:38
Friday: 26:59
Saturday: 27:36
Listener Chart #2: 31:32
Sunday: 36:31
Part 2 (Listener Questions & Comments): 39:01
Part 3 (Listener Question of the Week): 49:59

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