Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Week in Astrology, August 25-31, 2008

A New Moon in Virgo tops the bill this week, along with three "copycat" events: Mercury and Venus each entering Libra and aspecting Neptune and Pluto.

We're back to our usual full-length, three-part format, and mark the occasion with a bonus: two gorgeous, full-length, uninterrupted compositions from our loyal listener Pierre. And yes, Spiritsong's health continues to improve!

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This week's index:

Overview: 3:44
Monday: 5:11

Tuesday: 5:32

Wednesday: 5:40

Thursday: 8:37

Friday: 9:45
Listener Chart #1:
Friday cont'd: 18:04

Saturday: 20:11
Listener Chart #2: 24:55
Sunday: 28:41
Part 2 (Listener Questions & Comments): 31:16
Part 3 (Listener Chart of the Week): 60:58
"Leo Moon": 74:57
"Exercise on 'Let Me Fall'": 80:53

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