Saturday, October 11, 2008

This Week in Astrology: Clarification of the "Possible Election Cancellation" Statement

This is a clarification to the This Week in Astrology blog post I sent out earlier tonight. In that post, I am not suggesting that the US presidential election will be cancelled! Spiritsong and I do respond to a listener who asks about that possibility in Part Two of the 10/13/08 show, but putting the words "the possible cancellation of the US presidential election" in bold type may have been confusing. I regret having done that, and apologize for any unfounded worry this may have caused.

We do not consider it likely that the election will be cancelled, although the Uranus-Saturn opposition which comes exact on Election Day does significantly increase the chances that something unexpected will happen. The exact nature of any such event is, however, beyond our ability to predict.

May the stars light your way,

Benjamin Bernstein
Holistic Astrologer