Saturday, March 14, 2009

This Week in Astrology 103 -- 3-16-09

The Spring Equinox (the Sun's entry into Aries) highlights the week, with a Mars-Pluto sextile and an intuitively flashing Mercury-Uranus conjunction adding their own brands of awakening! Saturn's conjunction to Mercury and quincunx to Jupiter round out the week's major sky events.

We have an especially interesting Part 2 (including a listener's fascinating variation on the Divine Saturation Snap Meditation). And, in Part 3, we explore the astrology behind the recent devastating Australian bush fires and last week's string of mass murders (three of them on three consecutive days!).

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This week's index:

Overview: 1:53
Monday: 2:48
Tuesday: 3:18
Wednesday: 3:57
Thursday: 6:57
Saturday: 8:58
Preview of Next Week's Main Transits: 13:13
Part 1 Listener Chart: 16:41
Part 2 (Listener Questions & Comments): 26:52
Last Chance to Save $300 on the OPA Astrology Retreat!: 35:39
Part 3 (Listener Question of the Week): 46:30

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