Monday, August 3, 2009

This Week in Astrology #123 -- 8-3-09

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse -- the third eclipse in five weeks! -- is the uncontested headliner this week. But I should probably also mention that Mercury's making soft aspects to Pluto and Venus.

Part 2 is content-rich this week -- good thing too, since there's no Part 3! A well-read listener contributes a list of traditional astrology websites and books (see the links section below), several listeners opine about how This Week in Astrology could go to the next level, and you'll learn how to slow me down if I'm talking too fast for you! (Scroll down for helpful links.)

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The data for this show's listener chart is:
Part 1 chart: Elizabeth (2/1/77), 9:45 pm, Laramie, WY


Traditional astrology sites recommended by Dima:

Dima's recommended traditional astrology authors
(in addition to Rob Hand): John Frawley, Lee Lehman, Demetra George (her introduction to Hellenistic astrology), Ptolemy’s "Tetrabiblos", William Lilly’s "Christian Astrology".

How to slow down this (or any other) podcast:

On an iPhone
With QuickTime
Using Doppler Radio or Amazing Slow Downer (Windows software)

This week's index:

Chart data: 1:52
Overview: 2:08
Monday: 3:02
Tuesday: 3:41
Wednesday: 4:06
Thursday: 9:13
Friday: 11:33

Saturday: 14:48
Sunday: 14:55

Next Week's Transits: 16:19
Part 1 Listener Chart: 16:53
Part 2 (Announcements & Listener Emails): 25:16

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