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This Week in Astrology #140 -- 11/30, 12/7 & 12/14 2009

Welcome to the first "triple edition" of This Week in Astrology! Because I will be out of the country and in primitive conditions for almost two weeks (no electricity or running water, much less internet access!), this show includes the forecasts for the weeks of Nov. 30, Dec. 7 and Dec. 14. There is also a brief Part 2. Our next show will be posted a day or two before Dec. 21.

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Uranus turns direct this week, clearing the heavens of retrograde planets while encouraging individuation and humanitarian service. A Gemini Full Moon asks you to look at your communication and "tricksterism," while
Mercury squares Uranus, sextiles Neptune and enters Capricorn for an unusually long stay.

This week's Part One listener chart focuses on Uranus' square to a woman's natal Moon, which spreads the paradigm shifter's energy into her 6th, 7th and 1st houses.


A Jupiter-Chiron conjunction radiates healing energy this week, while a Jupiter-Uranus semi-sextile encourages spiritual innovation. Mercury hits rough waters as it conjuncts Pluto and squares Saturn (communicate with care!), while the Sun has an easier time as it trines Mars and sextiles Chiron.

This week's listener chart has a man's Descendant ruler Saturn receiving simultaneous conjunctions from Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter! We explore how this might affect his relationships on all levels.


A Mars retrograde, lasting over 2-1/2 months, encourages you to reconsider how you express aggression, sexuality and leadership. The Sun and Venus are busy aspecting many of the same planets, including Uranus and Jupiter. And of course we'll be discussing the Sagittarian New Moon!

In this week's listener chart, we explore transiting Mars' possible effects as it passes back and forth over a woman's potent (and potentially challenging!) Leo stellium -- which consists entirely of the classic malefics Pluto, Saturn and Mars! But we'll show how she can make these intense transits "all good" instead!

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Here's the data for this show's charts:

Nov. 30
Part 1 Listener Chart: Lisa, 4/18/76, 9:28 am, Stillwater, OK
Dec. 7 Part 1 Listener Chart: Ken, 1/26/64, 4:09 pm, Concord, MA
Dec. 14 Part 1 Listener Chart: Maryann, 4/1/48, 11:55 am, Pittston, PA

Nov. 30 index:

Overview: 4:10

Monday: 4:39
Tuesday: 5:35
Wednesday: 7:42
Thursday: 8:53
Friday: 9:25
Saturday: 9:47
Sunday: 10:43
Listener Chart for Part 1 (Lisa): 14:06

Part 2 (two brief announcements): 22:51

Dec. 7 index:

Overview: 26:21
Monday: 26:55
Tuesday: 29:22
Wednesday: 29:25
Thursday: 30:17
Friday: 31:13
Saturday: 32:30
Sunday: 34:07
Listener Chart for Part 1 (Ken): 37:39

Dec. 14 index:

Overview: 46:16
Monday: 46:59
Tuesday: 48:32
Wednesday: 49:29
Thursday: 51:25
Friday: 51:45
Saturday: 52:05
Sunday: 53:07
Listener Chart for Part 1 (Maryann): 56:24

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