Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Week in Astrology #146B, 1/25/10, 2 of 2

Here's Part 2 of the 1/25/10 show -- please listen to Part 1 first!

We open with a message from Spiritsong, then complete the first section, including the Part 1 listener chart.

In Part 2, we answer listener questions about what might cause extra sensitivity to the Full Moon, why the nodes of the Moon move backwards, and the significance of empty houses.

Finally, in a topical Part 3 live consultation, I work with a listener on whether this would be a good time to cancel her health insurance and go without. (Her premium has just skyrocketed!)

Hear all about this and more -- click here to listen, or go to www.ThisWeekInAstrology.com to learn about getting the show through iTunes. (We love it when you subscribe through iTunes!)

Chart data:

Part 1 listener chart (Ruth): 6/26/66, 12:45 am, Melbourne, Australia

Part 3 live consultation (Aeolea): 2/14/51, 9:06 am, Evergreen Park, IL


Next Week's Transits: 3:27
Part 1 Listener Chart: 3:54
Part 2 (Announcements and listener questions): 18:13
Part 3 (live listener consultation): 34:31

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