Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Week in Astrology #157 -- 4-12-10

Mercury Retrograde * Two new free consultation winners announced! * Saturn quincunx Chiron * Uranus semi-sextile Neptune * Interpreting retrograde planets * Anticipating Uranus in Aries * Working with Saturn's return to Virgo

The indisputable headline this week is the beginning of another Mercury Retrograde. Benjamin and Spiritsong, who returns as guest co-host, will tell you all about it and how to work with this potentially challenging period. We'll also discuss two longer-lasting connections between slower planets that come exact this week: Saturn quincunx Chiron and Uranus semi-sextile Neptune.

We announce two new winners of a free one-hour consultation with Benjamin or Spiritsong -- listen to see if one of them is you! We also address listener questions about
nterpreting retrograde planets, what to expect with Uranus entering Aries next month, and how to work with Saturn's recent return to Virgo.

Hear all about this and more -- click here to listen, or go to to learn about getting the show through iTunes. (We love it when you subscribe through iTunes!)

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Kaleigh, 11/30/79, 1:30 pm, Danvers MA


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