Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Week in Astrology #162 -- 5-17-10

Grand Cross! * Jupiter opposing Saturn * Venus and the Sun massively aspected * Electional astrology tutorial * New Pluto metaphors

A Grand Cross, astrology's most challenging aspect pattern, focuses most of the outer planets' energy on Venus this week -- get ready for major relationship transformation! A powerful Jupiter-Saturn opposition is part of the Grand Cross, as are many of the challenging aspects Venus receives this week. The Sun is also mega-aspected!

An especially rich collection of listener emails includes my electional astrology analysis of why a listener's planned wedding date should be reconsidered, as well as a bevy of new Pluto metaphors. (Ever heard a Pluto transit compared to a zit?)

I also announce a "buy three, get one free" special on our new TimePassages natal computer report -- this month only! -- as well as the release of the new Solar Fire Gold v. 7.3 chart calculation software. (Free upgrade to recent buyers!)

Finally, I will be out of the country and incommunicado June 2-15 -- be sure to book your consultation this month if you want to work with me before then!

Please remember that This Week in Astrology is now on both Facebook and Twitter. And we now offer much more affordable relationship astrology consultations!

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Listener Chart

Katherine, 12/9/48, 8:30 am, Memphis, TN


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