Sunday, October 31, 2010

This Week in Astrology, Episode 184, 11/1/10

Scorpio New Moon * Neptune & Chiron turn direct * Mercury aspects four slower planets * Live listener consultation: should Christine be a power plant engineer, project manager or day trader?

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Kick off those new beginnings in transformation, sexuality and more with this week's Scorpio New Moon. Aquarius and the late fixed degrees are energized as Neptune and Chiron turn direct, and communication is front and center as Mercury aspects Jupiter, Chiron Uranus and Neptune!

In our live listener consultation, I work with Christine to help her determine whether her current optimal career direction points toward power plant engineering, project management or day trading.

Finally, be sure to sign up for my free webinar this Tuesday from 8-10 pm eastern time. This unique event will include discussion and energetic experiences in the areas of astrology, shamanic astrology and shamanic healing. O
nly 50 spaces available -- pre-register now to insure your spot!

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Overview: 3:05
Monday: 4:18
Tuesday: 4:53
Wednesday: 5:24
Thursday: 6:31
Friday: 7:29
Saturday: 10:25
Sunday: 13:50
Next Week's Highlights: 18:05
Live listener consultation: (Christine, Dec 16 1959, 7:42 pm, Ottawa, Canada): 14:32

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