Sunday, February 27, 2011

This Week in Astrology, Episode 200, 2/28/11

200th show free consultation winner announced! * Pisces New Moon * Interview w/ shamanic astrologer VerDarLuz, Pt. 1 * Mars sextile Pluto * Saturn quincunx Sun & Mercury * Listener emails about last week's guided invocations * Last chance to join Online Transits & Progressions Class!

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A Pisces New Moon radiates high vibrations this week, while a Mars-Pluto sextile pumps up more primal forces! Quincunxes from Mercury and the Sun to Saturn call for adjustments, while Venus moves in new directions with a sextile to Uranus and her entry into Aquarius.

We look at the New Moon's effect on a listener chart, and share emails describing powerful experiences listeners have had with the guided invocations on last week's show. Plus, to celebrate this, our 200th show, we give away a free consultation with Benjamin to a lucky listener!

Finally, we spend a fascinating hour in conversation with shamanic astrologer VerDarLuz, author of the unapologetically mystical astrology book Codex of the Soul, and will present Part 2 of Benjamin's interview with him next week!

Online Transits and Progressions Class started on Sat., Feb. 26, but you can still join the class before our next meeting March 5. Click here for details on the class, then email me to request the MP3 from the first class if you want to catch up!

Hear all about this and more by clicking the link in the second paragraph above, or go to to learn about getting the show through iTunes. (We love it when you subscribe through iTunes!)


Overview: 2:32
Monday: 2:59
Tuesday: 4:16
Wednesday: 6:21
Thursday: 7:18
Friday: 11:41
Saturday: 15:11
Sunday: 15:53
Next Week's Highlights: 17:58
Part 1 Listener Chart (Jennifer, 7/13/74, 6:15 pm, Chester, PA
Announcements & listener emails about last week's guided invocations: 25:48
Interview with shamanic astrologer VerDarLuz, Part 1: 49:46

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