Sunday, March 20, 2011

This Week in Astrology, Episode 203, 3/21/11

Free consultation winners! * Sun-Uranus conjunction * Saturn-Neptune sesquiquadrate * Venus conjuncts Neptune and enters Pisces

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A Sun-Uranus conjunction adds revolutionary fervor to the newly hatched Spring Equinox, while a Saturn-Neptune sesquiquadrate mades for good Law of Attraction work. Finally, spiritual union, seeing the divine in others and creative inspiration are empowered by Venus' conjunction to Neptune and entry into Pisces.

Although this is an unusually short show, we do make time to announce the winners of our Spring Equinox drawings for a free session with Benjamin or Spiritsong!

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Overview: 1:47
Monday: 2:11
Tuesday: 4:49
Wednesday: 4:53
Thursday: 6:29
Friday: 9:53
Saturday: 10:41
Sunday: 14:57
Next Week's Highlights: 16:22
Free Consultation Winners: 18:58

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