Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This Week in Astrology, Episode 207, 4/18/11

Mercury Retrograde ends * Mars-Saturn opposition * Venus-Uranus conjunction * Sun enters Taurus * Listener emails!

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Mercury Retrograde ends this week, but it's still best to wait until the New Moon on May 3 before starting major new undertakings. A Mars-Saturn opposition offers both challenge and endurance, while Venus begins a series of potentially challenging aspects with a conjunction to Uranus. Also, the Sun enters the persistent and nature-loving sign of Taurus.

We catch up on a juicy assortment of listener emails on this episode. Topics include:
  • what is the most powerful part of a house,
  • how to avoid addictive tendencies while Neptune is in Pisces,
  • the Vedic Ages,
  • whether a near-death experience generates its own natal chart,
  • feedback on "Ask and Receive" processes,
  • whether Chiron includes a hermit archetype,
  • balancing Pisces and Virgo's complementary energies,
  • using rising signs with Sun Sign forecasts,
  • choosing an astrologer, and
  • aspect keywords.
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Monday: 3:44
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Next Week's Highlights: 14:48
Part 1 Listener Chart (Leigh, 8/18/67, 10:48 am, Stamford, CT): 16:50
Listener Emails: 26:15

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