Sunday, May 1, 2011

This Week in Astrology, Episode 209, 5/2/11

Taurus New Moon * Sun-Saturn quincunx * Listener consultation with Christie on dealing with her high-sensitivity chart

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A Taurus Full Moon invites new beginnings in earthy areas, while a Sun-Saturn quincunx calls for persistence and adjustment.

Our listener consultation with Christie examines how simultaneous sensitization (transiting Neptune conjunct her Moon) and reality-checking (transiting Saturn conjunct her Ascendant and Midheaven ruler) are calling for her to empower herself from her divine source to better handle her worldly challenges.

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Overview: 1:42
Monday: 2:12
Tuesday: 3:10
Wednesday: 6:14
Thursday: 7:06
Friday: 7:10
Saturday: 7:45
Sunday: 9:14
Next Week's Highlights: 9:56
Announcements (including our FREE psychic reading giveaway): 12:12
Listener Consultation (Christie, 10/15/75, 5:29 am, Grand Rapids, MI): 17:47

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