Saturday, June 30, 2012

This Week in Astrology, Episode 266, 7/2/12

Full Moon in Capricorn * Five aspect patterns! * Live listener consultation * Nine inner planet aspects * And much more!

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A Capricorn Full Moon highlights the week, accompanied by five, count 'em five, aspect patterns. (Two T-squares, two Yods, and a Double Yod Key!) Pile on two Mars events, three Venus happenings and four Mercury aspects, and we're looking at one seriously busy astroweek!

In our Live Listener Consultation, Benjamin helps Maria understand the astrological reasons why she has been having trouble finding work, feeling depressed and lacking motivation. More importantly, he shows her how to use these same sky energies on the high side to understand her true calling and get moving again!

Your invocation testimonial could win you a two-hour session with Benjamin -- click here for info. And Benjamin will speak about his Peruvian ayahuasca awakenings on July 24 & Aug. 15 -- learn more here!

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Overview: 1:36
Monday: 2:52
Tuesday: 3:19
Wednesday: 8:56
Thursday: 11:50
Friday: 12:12
Saturday: 15:08
Sunday: 17:22
Next Week's Transits: 18:53
Announcements: 20:44
Live Listener consultation (Maria, 2/25/75, 4:35 pm, Santiago, Chile): 27:12
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Benjamin Bernstein
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– Mary Beth Paisley, Liberty Hill, SC