Friday, November 2, 2012

This Week in Astrology, Episode 284, 11/5/2012

Mercury Retrograde * Hurricane Sandy * Saturn-Ceres-Chiron Grand Trine * Neptune direct * Live listener consultation * And more!

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Mercury turns retrograde -- on Election Day! -- while a Saturn-Ceres-Chiron Grand Trine promotes family healing and mentoring. Neptune's direct station amplifies spiritual possibilities, while Mars fires up hard angles to Pallas and Vesta.

I answer a listener email about how to cope with the extreme challenges on the planet right now, and take a brief look at some of the astrology behind Hurricane Sandy. Finally, we dive deep into astromapping in our Live Listener Consultation!

I'll be leading a Guided Invocations group process at the 3DL (Three Days of Light) Festival: A Consciousness Festival Retreat, Nov. 2-4 in Black Mountain, NC. Please join me on Sun. Nov. 4, at 4:44 PM at the S.E.C. Stage for this 90-minute process!

Call in to my Followers of the Way live web radio show, this Monday, Nov. 5 at 5 PM US eastern time. During my guest appearance, we'll discuss 2012 astrology, global awakening, and more!

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Overview: 2:07
Monday: 3:35
Tuesday: 5:21
Wednesday: 7:23
Thursday: 9:31
Friday: 9:38
Saturday: 10:47
Sunday: 11:31
Next Week's Transits: 14:12
Announcements: 16:03
Listener Email: 18:58
Hurricane Sandy: 32:28
Live Listener Consultation (Keri, 2/18/79, 11:58 PM, Kumamoto, Japan): 39:04

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