Sunday, October 27, 2013

This Week in Astrology # 335, 10/28/13: Uranus-Pluto Square #4!

Uranus-Pluto Square #4 * Solar Eclipse in Scorpio * Live Listener Consultation * Halloween Mars Mischief? * Chiron-Pluto Sextile * More!

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Welcome to one of the busiest and most intense astrological weeks I’ve ever seen! Revolutionary transformation peaks once again with another Uranus-Pluto square (#4 of 7), the supremely powerful multi-year aspect series that’s turning the 2010s into the 60s Part 2.

The week also features a potent solar eclipse in Scorpio, whose transformational intensity is enhanced by a boatload of powerful aspects. And the latest peak of a multi-year Chiron-Pluto sextile amplifies healing and mentoring opportunities.

Beware Mars mischief as the Red Planet makes three strong aspects on Halloween. And this week’s aspect patterns are also attention-getters: two Cradles, three Yods and a Double Yod Key!

My Live Listener Consultation with Tom analyzes his most important natal aspect patterns, including a "Finger of God" Yod. We also examine when this 62-year-old should wrap us his career, and what activities would most enrich his retirement years.

This Thursday, Oct. 31 is the final day of my 50% Off Special on my two new services: the Tight Focus Astrology Consultation and Awakening Activation!

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  • Live Listener Consultation (Tom, 1/25/51, 6:14 pm, New Brunswick, NJ): 35:24
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