Friday, November 8, 2013

This Week in Astrology #337 11/11/13: Taurus Full Moon

Miley Cyrus astrologized * Taurus Full Moon * Venus Meets the Uranus-Pluto square * Spiritsong co-hosts * Kelly Lee Phipps tribute * Much more!

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A Taurus Full Moon asks you to evaluate your worldly resources, self-esteem and sensual experience, while Venus’ three outer planet aspects can help take relationships to the next level. We also have an energizing Sun-Jupiter trine, as well as forward motion in spiritual union and divine inspiration with Neptune turning direct.

I and guest co-host Spiritsong examine why Miley Cyrus' chart is so ideal for music and acting, and examine transit charts of standout moments in her amazingly successful career. We also reflect on the extraordinary life of Kelly Lee Phipps, the inspiring astrologer now struggling with life-threatening brain tumors.

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  • Overview: 4:09
  • Monday: 5:11
  • Tuesday: 7:58
  • Wednesday: 9:33
  • Thursday: 14:59
  • Friday: 17:22
  • Saturday: 20:34
  • Sunday: 21:01
  • Next Week's Aspects: 24:32
  • Announcements: 25:34
  • Kelly Lee Phipps tribute: 28:01
  • Celebrity chart interpretation: Miley Cyrus (11/23/92, 6:37 am, Franklin, TN): 43:29
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