Friday, December 6, 2013

This Week in Astrology #341, 12/9/13: Magical Quintiles!

4 quintiles * Hard Mars aspects * Live Listener Consultation * Jupiter-Saturn trine * Vesta-Jupiter-Pluto T-square * More!

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Quintiles–magical 72° “fairy dust” aspects of creativity and divine inspiration–dominate this week’s “skylights.” Four quintile pairings include Mars-Jupiter, Venus-Uranus, Sun-Neptune, and Mercury-Mars.

Mars, already involved in two quintiles, further asserts himself with a quincunx to Neptune and a semi-square to Saturn. A Vesta-Jupiter-Pluto T-square begins to energize and transform selfless service, while a Jupiter-Saturn trine contributes some helpful equilibrium into the mix.

Our Live Listener Consultation injects some hope and understanding into Michelle's two-year "dark night of the soul" crisis, which has taken a wrecking ball to every aspect of her life. We also find astrological support for her passion to help others cope with death -- others' or their own.

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  • Overview: 2:13
  • Monday: 3:14
  • Tuesday: 3:37
  • Wednesday: 6:34
  • Thursday: 6:58
  • Friday: 8:56
  • Saturday: 9:32
  • Sunday: 10:29
  • Next Week's Aspects: 11:58
  • Announcements, listener email & Awakening Activation testimonial: 13:56
  • Live Listener Consultation (Michelle, Aug 7 1973, 11:38 am, Fresno, CA): 21:13
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