Sunday, February 2, 2014

This Week in Astrology #349, 2/3/14: Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde * Jupiter-Chiron trine * Part 1 Listener Chart * Ceres enters Scorpio * And more!

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Mercury turns retrograde three times a year, and another one starts this week. Focus on introspection and planning, especially on Piscean and Aquarian themes, rather than major new project starts or big purchases.

Healing and mentoring are smoothly amplified with Jupiter trine Chiron, and the asteroid goddess Ceres enters Scorpio.

Our Part 1 Listener Chart advises Anna how to make the best use of the Jupiter-Chiron trine lining up on her 8th house South Node of the Moon.

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  • Overview: 1:27
  • Monday: 2:01
  • Tuesday: 3:28
  • Wednesday: 3:40
  • Thursday: 4:39
  • Friday: 6:37
  • Saturday: 6:55
  • Sunday: 7:16
  • Next Week's Aspects: 7:45
  • Announcements: 9:31
  • Part 1 Listener Chart (Anna, 5/28/79, 10:24 am, Charlottesville, VA): 10:31
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