Friday, March 21, 2014

This Week in Astrology #356, 3/24/14: Powerful Aries New Moon

Aries New Moon * Live Listener Consultation * 3 T-squares! * 5 Mercury and Venus aspects * And more!

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One of 2014′s most powerful New Moons headlines the week. The Arean Sun and Moon amplify revolutionary transformation as they line up with a Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square!

In fact, it’s a T-square kind of week, with three T-squares (and variants) stimulating challenge for growth. Five Mercury and Venus aspects round out a powerful astrological week!

Our Live Listener Consultation with Jennifer focuses on how her life has been turned inside out by the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square lining up on her Cancer Sun!

This Saturday, March 22 is your last day to save 20% off consultations focusing on April's Cardinal Grand Cross, 2014's most powerful astrological event! Not sure if it's affecting you? I'll check your chart for free!

Interested in my "Shamanic Invocation: Heal and Awaken!" workshop March 29 in Daytona Beach, FL? Register by this Saturday, March 22 to save $25 on tuition!

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  • Overview: 1:53
  • Monday: 2:50
  • Tuesday: 3:15
  • Wednesday: 5:13
  • Thursday: 8:05
  • Friday: 9:15
  • Saturday: 11:06
  • Sunday: 12:28
  • Next Week's Aspects: 15:27
  • Announcements: 17:04
  • Live Listener Consultation (Jennifer, July 4 1969, 7:35 am, Johnson City, NY): 25:00
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