Thursday, July 30, 2015

August 1-15 2015: Jupiter Square Saturn (#403)

Jupiter-Saturn square * Bill Cosby scandal * Jupiter conjoins Venus and enters Virgo * Free session winner * Leo New Moon * more!

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A Jupiter-Saturn square supporting balance, creativity and more highlights the first half of August. Other significant events include the second of three Venus-Jupiter conjunctions, Jupiter entering Virgo and a Leo New Moon. We’ll also discuss Saturn turning direct, two Pluto-Vesta squares and more!

I look at the growing chorus of sexual abuse allegations plaguing Bill Cosby. Do his fourth harmonic chart and other astrological indicators show that he could be a serial sexual predator?
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  • Overview: 2:30
  • 8/1: 3:18
  • 8/2: 3:45
  • 8/3: 5:59
  • 8/4: 7:51
  • 8/5: 8:45
  • 8/6: 9:56
  • 8/7: 10:52
  • 8/8: 11:23
  • 8/9: 12:08
  • 8/10: 12:09
  • 8/11: 12:13
  • 8/12: 12:36
  • 8/13: 14:07
  • 8/14: 15:38
  • 8/15: 17:33
  • Next Show's Highlights: 19:15
  • Announcements: 21:12 
  • Bill Cosby scandal (Bill Cosby, July 12 1937, 12:30 am, Philadelphia, PA): 25:01
  • Index: 69:36
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