Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 1-15 2016: Selfless Service (#415)

Double Yod Key! * Vesta and Venus Fire Up the Uranus-Pluto Square * Free Session Winner * Aquarius New Moon * Part 1 Listener Chart * More!

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Selfless service is a significant astrological theme during the first half of February, energized by two Yods and a Double Yod Key! Service to the collective is also in the mix as the multi-year Uranus-Pluto square gets its energy of revolutionary transformation fired up by Vesta and Venus. An Aquarius New Moon also supports this humanitarian theme.

We also have lots of Mars aspects to outer planets, and the initiation of a 45-day T-square that can catalyze some serious healing for us all!

In my Part 1 Listener Chart, Shakirah has the transiting Venus-Uranus-Pluto square on her chart ruler Neptune. I also give her a couple of bonus interpretations for outer planets lighting up other sensitive points.

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  • Overview: 1:49
  • 2/1: 2:55
  • 2/2: 4:16
  • 2/3: 4:19
  • 2/4: 5:14
  • 2/5: 5:21
  • 2/6: 6:18
  • 2/7: 6:59
  • 2/8: 8:03
  • 2/9: 12:53
  • 2/10: 13:22
  • 2/11: 14:06
  • 2/12: 14:23
  • 2/13: 14:27
  • 2/14: 15:27
  • 2/15: 18:05
  • Next Show's Highlights: 18:08
  • Announcements: 20:12
  • Part 1 Listener Chart (Shakirah, 11/18/91, 1:20 pm, East Norriton, PA): 23:17
  • Index: 40:01
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