November 1-15, #385: Sensuality/Volatility

Renn Butler interview, Part 2! * Mars fires up Uranus-Pluto square * Taurus Full Moon * Yod highlights partnerships * more!

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The two top “skylights” for the first half of November are radically different. The Taurus Full Moon glows with a grounded vibe of sensuality, healing and transformation. But Mars’ close encounter with the Uranus-Pluto square sizzles with volatility, electricity and revolutionary transformation!

All the personal planets have abundant interaction with slower planets, and a Yod calls for adjustments in committed partnerships. Read on to learn more!

Renn Butler, whom I interviewed a month ago, is back with more fascinating insights! This time we focus mostly on how to benefit from specific planetary pairings, as described in his new book Pathways to Wholeness: Archetypal Astrology and the Transpersonal Journey.

I'm co-facilitating Revolutionary Transformation: An Inner Journey from Wounded Heart to Sacred Heart Dec. 12-14 near Asheville, NC. Learn how this transformational workshop can help you!

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  • Overview: 2:13
  • 11/1: 4:11
  • 11/2: 5:57
  • 11/3: 6:36
  • 11/4: 8:04
  • 11/5: 8:41
  • 11/6: 10:50
  • 11/7: 12:39
  • 11/8: 13:17
  • 11/9: 14:40
  • 11/10: 15:22
  • 11/11: 16:04
  • 11/12: 16:53
  • 11/13: 18:42
  • 11/14: 20:27
  • 11/15: 21:12
  • Next Show's Highlights: 21:26
  • Announcements: 23:17
  • Renn Butler astrologer interview, Part 2: 25:38
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