Friday, July 16, 2010

This Week in Astrology. Episode 169, 7/19/10

CARDINAL CLIMAX BEGINS!!! * Jupiter square Pluto * Saturn enters Libra * Chiron enters Aquarius * Full Moon * Live consultation: should a stage director face the Cardinal Climax with Saturnian struggle or Uranian breakthrough? * "Simple and effective Solutions" lecture now available

The most powerful aspect pattern of our lifetimes
-- the much-anticipated CARDINAL CLIMAX -- begins this week. Its initiation is heralded by Saturn entering Libra, and a Jupiter-Pluto square is also part of this mighty alignment.

This eventful week also features Chiron entering Aquarius and a Full Moon. Is that enough excitement for you?

Our live listener consultation features a stage director, who co-directed opera productions for 10 years in the US and abroad, struggling with direct Cardinal Climax hits on sensitive points in his chart. One key issue we discuss: is his attitude of "necessary struggle" just making his challenges worse?

"Simple and Effective Solutions for Astrological Challenges" lecture is now available as an MP3 download, joining "The Perfect Astrological Storm: Surfing the Waves of Paradigm Shift". (On this one, be sure to get both the MP3 and the PowerPoint deck!)

And finally, we continue to
invite your feedback on the current state of the podcast!

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Listener Chart

Peter, 1/22/51, 2:47 pm, Bronxville, NY


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