Friday, July 30, 2010

This Week in Astrology, Episode 171, 8/2/10

A Jupiter-Pluto square keeps the Cardinal Climax hot * Mars opposes Jupiter and squares Pluto * Five Venus events * Dealing with fear of astrology * Is Neptune more "real" than Saturn?

The Cardinal Climax stays hot this week, thanks to an intense Jupiter-Pluto square. And Mars turns up the heat further, making hard angles to both planets. Venus does some "Climaxing" of her own, making mostly hard aspects to four slow planets!

We have a wealth of listener email this week, covering these topics and more: alternate Cardinal Climax names, if the impending death of the Sagittarius galaxy will affect chart interpretations, car purchase timing, dealing with fear of astrology, and -- is Neptune actually more "real" than Saturn? (One listener's opinion may surprise you!)

Finally, a new round of astrology classes starts the week of August 30 -- choose from Beginning Astrology, Transits & Progressions, Relationship Astrology, Solar Returns, and two mentoring options. Sign up now to insure your space!

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Courtney, 5/27/82, 8:03 am, Columbus, OH


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