Saturday, August 14, 2010

This Week in Astrology, Episode 173, 8/16/10

Mercury Retrograde begins! * Saturn square Pluto and opposing Jupiter * Sun aspects Neptune, Chiron & Uranus! * Venus conjuncts Mars * New Shamanic Astrology Consultation & Computer Reports * Thoughts on the "delayed" Cardinal Climax and the Law of Attraction

Our old friend Mercury Retrograde is back this week -- we'll tell you how to prepare! Saturn's Pluto square and Jupiter opposition are also headline-worthy, as are the Sun's powerful aspects to Neptune, Chiron & Uranus. (And let's not forget the relational possibilities of the Venus-Mars conjunction!) We also have a listener who's having her Second Saturn Return -- with some help from the Cardinal Climax!

We announce the official launch of my new Shamanic Astrology Consultation, as well as six new computer reports! And I share some thoughts about why the major effects of the Cardinal Climax might be late to the party, and how you can use a few simple concepts to activate the Law of Attraction

Finally, a new round of astrology classes starts the week of August 30 -- choose from Beginning Astrology, Transits & Progressions, Relationship Astrology, Solar Returns, and two mentoring options. Sign up now to insure your space!

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Announcements, Introduction of Shamanic Astrology Consultation and Six New Computer Reports, Thoughts on the "delayed" Cardinal Climax & the Law of Attraction: 29:07

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