Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Week in Astrology, Episode 174, 8/23/10

Pisces Full Moon * Sunapalooza: the Sun enters Virgo, quincunxes Jupiter and trines Pluto! * Rebutting Bill Nye the Astro-Skeptical Science Guy * collaborative shamanism

A Pisces Full Moon aspects all of the "Cardinal Climax" planets this week -- but with a mix of hard and soft connections, it won't be too difficult to work with. Other than that, it's a "Sunapalooza"! The Sun enters Virgo, with its health and service focus, and there are plenty of expanded transformational opportunities with the Sun's quincunx to Jupiter and trine to Pluto! And Mercury Retrograde continues thru 9/12.

Our listener mailbox includes how to rebut Bill Nye the Science Guy's astro-skeptical YouTube video, detailed feedback from the woman whose chart we use last week in Part 1, and thoughts on a more collaborative form of shamanism than just ordering the planets around!

A new round of astrology classes starts next week -- choose from Beginning Astrology, Transits & Progressions, Relationship Astrology, Solar Returns, and two mentoring options. Sign up now to insure your space! And I'm still excited about my new Shamanic Astrology Consultation and six new computer reports!

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Listener Chart

Robin, 9/27/64, 8:37 pm, Falmouth, MA


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